To strengthen comprehensive community development through musical educational programs and cultural projects that promote an integral , creative and humanistic learning space that contributes to social awareness, interaction, and inclusion in Costa Rica.


We would like to be a pathway to culture, and we aspire to create social change through music.
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Educational Program

Orquesta Juventud Esperanza

The Academic Program Orquesta Juventud Esperanza is a musical program that seeks to foster social and civic awareness in our students through music...



The Cultural Empowerment and Creative Music for the Human Development Project of San Pablo de Heredia aims to promote the creation of new artistic manifestations and the renewal of knowledge and cultural creativity...


Art for the Environment and the Common Good

The AMAB project aims to promote the well-being of people and seeks to take measures to combat climate change and its effects through actions, hand in hand with the arts...


FIJAZZ Costa Rica

Every year, the International Jazz Festival of Costa Rica (FIJAZZ) offers concerts with national and international artists, jam sessions and also has a unique educational program in Costa Rica…

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“We created the foundation with the purpose of creating a space that emphasizes the important role that music, art, and culture have in the strengthening and wellbeing of our society. We musicians can contribute, through our actions and art, to achieving this purpose!”

María Amalia and José Arturo


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Artistic Ambassadors from 5 different countries

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I’ve loved working with the foundation as an artist ambassador because their values are so focused on enriching their students and the communities they’re connected with. I got to see that, first hand, when I had the opportunity to perform and teach at the FIJAZZ festival in Costa Rica. Mari, Jose, and the whole team of volunteers inspire me with their dedication and passion- and I’m so happy to continue working with them to create social change through the power of music.

Connor Kent

American Drummer, FAC Artistic Ambassador and FIJAZZ 2019 Artist

Working with the foundation was a true pleasure! I was one of the performers at FIJAZZ 2018 l and I have to say that this was one of the most well-organized and welcoming events of my life. We truly enjoyed the welcoming spirit, the dedication that was coming from the organizers of the festival and everyone involved. I have been following the Foundation since then, and it’s incredible to see how much work they’re doing in the fields of education, arts, and social change. Thank you for what you do for the world!

Anastassiya Petrova

Pianist from Kazakhstan and FIJAZZ 2018 Artist.

The foundation community is one where students, teachers, and audience members can come together to explore deeper - not only the music, but the life and humanity that creates it. I am so happy to be part of this community and I urge everyone to participate as much as you can. There are so many incredible classes, performances, and activities that reflect the hard work and values of everyone at Armonia Colectiva Foundation and FIJAZZ!

Jacob Means

American musician, FAC Artistic Ambassador and FIJAZZ Artist 2018.

My experience as a student and volunteer at the foundation has allowed me to develop both musically and personally. Music has become a reflective space to get to know myself better as a person and to question my purpose within music. As a volunteer I have worked for the foundation’s social media, which has allowed me to learn more about these platforms and develop skills for my professional future.

Diana Soto

Student of the OJE and FAC volunteer.

I met a tremendously valuable group of people and a very nice community and team space. Where every voice is heard and everyone supports and lifts each other up, empowering each other's talents to create and grow together. They taught me many things and I formed connections that I maintain to this day. I am very grateful to have lived that experience, and it has influenced, in a very positive way, how I perceive and live music today.

Sofía Galmes

Chilean musician and founder of Mujeres en el Jazz

Thanks to the Fundación Armonía Colectiva I have had the opportunity to experience and grow both musically and personally. From volunteering, I have been able to share with incredible national and international musicians who have shown me tools to have better musical development, as well as the power that music has on all of us and the responsibility that this implies when we want social change.

Emilio Chacón

Costa Rican musician, FAC volunteer and student in the EMPOCULTURA Program.

Every action of the Fundación Armonía Colectiva evidences its commitment to society and music. It is a space full of sounds, creations and magical knowledge capable of having a positive impact on a humanity eager to build a better world. For me it has been a universe full of new possibilities and inspiration.

Melena Arredondo

Artist, Musician, and student of the EMPOCULTURA program.

Fundación Armonía Colectiva is a space for new generations of Costa Rican and world music, where they are allowed to let their restlessness flourish and see the new opportunities that art can offer. The way in which musical language is stimulated through master classes, festivals, concerts, jam sessions and audiovisual material make this a relevant space for culture and for each person who participates in one way or another.

David Vargas

Costa Rican Musician and FIJAZZ Artist 2018

The foundation has been a before and after in my life. They have given me opportunities that have not only made me grow as a musician, but also integrally as an artist and as a person, pushing me to be bigger than my fears and achieve things I never imagined I could achieve.

Hazel Centeno

Student of Orquesta Juventud Esperanza and FAC Volunteer

"Frase del artículo"

Persona, Programa en el que participa, Provincia.

"Frase del artículo"

Persona, Programa en el que participa, Provincia.

"Frase del artículo"

Persona, Programa en el que participa, Provincia.
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